Who we are

The All-Ukrainian association "Uspishna Varta" is a human rights platform that brings together lawyers, public figures, and volunteers to protect the political and civil rights and freedoms of citizens of Ukraine, as well as to support people and organizations who are persecuted for their political beliefs.

According to opinion polls, more than 80% of Ukrainian citizens believe that affairs in Ukraine are developing incorrectly. The most active and responsible part of society is trying to change the situation. The people and organizations possessing an alternative point of view become the subjects of persecution and the suppression of dissent. As a human rights platform, we support all those who are ready and have the strength of spirit to stand up for the rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens.

Our main function is to monitor violations of the rights and freedoms of citizens in Ukraine and to make them public for prompt response and protection of the affected people and organizations. We collect evidence of violations for the further transfer of these facts to the responsible authorities of Ukraine, and if a reaction does not follow, the evidence is then sent to the world community and international organizations.

The human rights platform "Uspishna Varta" is guided by the principles of nonviolence and respect for the law and international standards in the field of human rights. The law, people's lives, and peace in the state are fundamental to us.

We understand that it is impossible to change the system of power overnight, but we are definitely able to change the consciousness of society, to mitigate the fate of the most active citizens, and to inform the international community about the human rights situation in Ukraine.

We urge all who are concerned to join our platform for the joint implementation of our mission: to change the social climate of Ukraine, demonstrating and supporting the existence of an alternative view of the order of things and asserting the value of human life and respect for civil and political rights in the state.

The human rights platform "Uspishna Varta" was created on the initiative and with the support of Ukrainian politician and philanthropist Aleksandr Klimenko.

What We Do

Monitoring violations of political rights and freedoms:

Collection, systematization, and preservation of information about violations of political rights and freedoms in Ukraine;

Ensuring that competent, including international, bodies are informed about human rights violations in an impartial manner. Preparation of conclusions on human rights violations and their referral to national and international institutions;

Creation of a common information field for Ukrainian human rights defenders

Creation of a single information platform for the coordination of human rights defenders and persons whose rights have been violated;

Constant information about the facts of violations of the political rights and freedoms of the Ukrainian and international community, including international organizations

Educational programmes and outreach:

Organization and holding of educational seminars, training, and round tables aimed at promoting the protection of political rights and freedoms;

Publication of information bulletins and manuals aimed at highlighting and popularizing human rights ideas;

Explaining basic political rights and freedoms to citizens through various communication tools.

Legal assistance to persons whose rights have been violated

Legal advice to citizens concerning political rights and freedoms;

Organizing the process of providing legal assistance to persons whose rights have been violated; Control over the observance of guarantees of fair justice.

How we work

In its activities, the platform "Uspishna Varta" adheres to the following principles:

Nonviolence: to combat the violation of the rights and freedoms of Ukrainians by the current political regime in Ukraine, the participants of the platform use exclusively nonviolent methods within the legal framework;

Openness and transparency: the participants of the platform are open to everyone who shares respect for human and civil rights and wants to obtain from the authorities guarantees of their observance;

Legality: in their joint work the platform’s participants adhere to the norms of the current legislation of Ukraine;

Impartiality and accuracy: in collecting and disseminating data on human rights violations, the platform’s participants undertake to be impartial from any political and ideological views and to record and display information accurately;