Stanislav Yezhov (Groysman's Interpreter)

Stanislav Stanislavovich Yezhov (born in 1978) is a diplomat, official of the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Deputy Chief of Protocol of Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman.

He was arrested on 20 September 2017 by SBU operatives at his workplace; since then, he is kept in custody in Lukyanovka jail in Kiev without a bail.

He is charged with treason (paragraph 1 of Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). If found guilty, Mr. Yezhov may receive a sentence between 12 and 15 years of imprisonment with possible confiscation of property.

According to SBU, agent Yezhov accompanied the Prime Minister at various events as interpreter, collected information on government activity using special equipment and transmitted the gathered information electronically.

According to reports, he was recruited by Russian special services during his overseas posting.

Mr. Vitaly Mayakov, Deputy Head of the Main Investigative Department of SBU claimed that the arrested official of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine followed orders of the Main Intelligence Department of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Advisor to the Minister of Interior and People's Deputy of Ukraine Anton Geraschenko suggested that Yezhov may have been blackmailed by "some issues related to his wife's relatives" or that his family or public service may have been compromised, thereby making him cooperate

However, Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman stated on 22 December 2017 that Yezhov didn't have access to classified information and caused no damage to the interests of the state.

During the investigation, court sessions were unreasonably and illegally closed; they merely extended the pre-trial custody of suspect Stanislav Yezhov.

On 6 August 2018 Goloseevsky Court of Kiev started the examination of the Yezhov case. It was the first preparatory session, the prosecutor read the indictment and the judges established the order of examination of evidence. In addition, the court granted the motion by lawyer Valentin Rybin and released Stanislav Yezhov from the glass cage, permitting him to seat next to his lawyer during the sessions. The court also granted the prosecutor's motion to extend Yezhov's custody for another two months (he spent 10 months in jail without a verdict) on the basis of the absence of alternative pre-trial measures under the article of indictment.

On 8 October 2018 Goloseevsky Court of Kiev had a hearing of the Yezhov case, which started with replacement of judges. Marina Yesaulenko became a new judge in the Yezhov case.

The prosecutor presented documents related to the planned events of Prime Minister Groysman, found during searches of Stanislav Yezhov, as evidence of his guilt. In addition, the prosecution presented evidence of Yezhov's visits to St. Petersburg and Minsk, and demonstrated screenshots of his correspondence with Most of the evidence were returned to the prosecution by the court for revision.

Valentin Rybin, Mr. Yezhov's lawyer, requested the court to avoid protraction of the process, and submitted a request for daily hearings, which was partially granted by the court. In view of the judges' workload, three sessions were scheduled for October; the next of them will take place on 10 October.

In the Goloseevsky Court of Kiev hearings continue to take place on the case of Stanislav Ezhov, the translator of the Prime Minister of Vladimir Groisman, who was charged with high treason. During the court hearings on October 8, 10 and 19, the prosecutor’s office presented a number of pieces of proof of the suspect’s guilt, some of which the court returned for revision.

Thus, on October 8, the prosecutor showed the documents found at Ezhov's house with the planned activities of the Prime Minister, evidence of Ezhov's visit to St. Petersburg and Minsk, and screenshots of correspondence with the user “”. At the hearing on October 10, the prosecutor’s office provided a disk with a copy of the data from the defendant’s phone and a copy of the disk from his home laptop as evidence. The prosecutor also attached to the evidence a transcript of Stanislav Ezhov's home conversations with his wife and parents, where the defendant mainly discussed domestic issues, and also argued with his parents on historical topics. On October 19, the prosecutor read out on camera conversations between Vladimir Groisman and EU Commissioner Federica Mogherini, which allegedly contained valuable information for Ukraine and which, according to investigators, was disclosed by Stanislav Ezhov. Also, the prosecutor read out printouts of articles by Ukrainian analysts and political scientists that had allegedly been forwarded by the accused. The prosecutor did not provide any evidence that the read information was of a classified nature.

On October 29, the Goloseevsky court of Kiev extended the term of detention of "Groisman's translator" Stanislav Ezhov until December 27.

On November 26, 2018 a regular hearing on the case of Stanislav Ezhov took place in the Goloseevsky district court of Kiev. The court examined the evidence of the Prosecutor in the form of an audio recording of allegedly secret talks between 3 unknown persons about the position of Ukrainian officials on general topics. Ezhov's defence claims that all the information in the case did not have a "classified" stamp and was in no way hidden.

On December 17th and 18th hearings were held in the Goloseevsky court of Kiev. The Prosecutor tried to re-submit evidence allegedly confirming the guilt of Ezhov that he had previously submitted in court: a fragment of correspondence in which separate parts were corrected by a proof reader. The court expressed the need to understand the provided materials in the deliberation room, after which it will be able to assess the possibility of their use as evidence in the case of Ezhov. In addition, the court decided to leave Stanislav Ezhov in custody for another 60 days, until February 15th 2019.

On February 12th a hearing on the case of Stanislav Ezhov was held in the Goloseevsky Court of Kiev. The court upheld the motion of the prosecutor and extended the measure of restraint in the form of detention imposed on the accused fora further 2 months. The next court hearing on the case of Ezhov will be held on April 5th. The lawyers of Stanislav Ezhov suggested that the judicial collegium first of all continue to study the evidence of the prosecution, but the court rejected this proposal.

On April 5th, 2019 the Goloseevsky Court of Kiev held a hearing on the case of Stanislav Ezhov. The court upheld the motion of the prosecutor and extended the measure of restraint imposed on the accused in the form of detention for a further 2 months. During the hearing, Ezhov and his lawyer once again appealed to the court with a request to demand from the prosecutor to provide evidence confirming the accusation of treason, which the court refused to do. A adjournment was announced during the hearing.

The court hearing on the case of Stanislav Ezhov that was supposed to be held on May 17th was postponed to May 23rd.

The court extended for 2 months the measure of restraint imposed on the “translator of Groysman” Stanislav Ezhov, who is accused of state treason. The Goloseevsky District Court of Kiev made this decision on May 23rd, 2019. The previous hearing took place 2 months ago. As was stated by the lawyer of Ezhov, the court does not consider the case on its merits, but only appoints hearings to extend the measure of restraint.

On July 3rd, 2019 the Goloseevsky District Court of the City of Kiev released Stanislav Ezhov, the “interpreter of Groisman”, from custody and placed him under house arrest. From the moment of his detention, Ezhov, without the existence of any alternative, spent a year and a half in a pre-trial detention center on charges of state treason. Assuming that the motion can be satisfied, during the next hearing the prosecutor asked the court to set bail at 10 million hryvnia. But upon returning from the deliberation room, the court decided to release Stanislav Ezhov from custody and to change the measure of restraint to around-the-clock house arrest with the wearing of an electronic bracelet.

On August 22, 2019, the Goloseevsky court of Kiev sentenced Stanislav Yezhov, who had earlier pleaded guilty and entered into an agreement with the prosecutor on the eve of the meeting.

The court approved the punishment agreed by the parties in the form of 3 years 28 days of imprisonment without confiscation of property under Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Despite the fact that the minimum punishment for this crime is 12 years in prison.

Prior to the entry into force of the sentence, Yezhov’s preventive measure was changed from a round-the-clock house arrest to a personal obligation.

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