Savchenko-Ruban case

On February 11th the Supreme Court of Ukraine considered the issue of determining the jurisdiction of the case of Nadezhda Savchenko and Vladimir Ruban. The judicial collegium made the decision to satisfy the motion of the prosecutor's office and transfer the case to the Chernigov district court. Earlier it was assumed that the case will be considered in the Slavyansk city district court of the Donetsk region.

On February 14th the Chernigov district court granted the motion of lawyers for the disqualification of the panel of judges. Due to the lack of an opportunity to assemble a new composition of the court, the Savchenko-Ruban case was sent to the Court of Appeal of the Chernigov region to determine its jurisdiction. On February 15th the appellate court extended Savchenko’s arrest for 2 months, until April 15th. According to lawyers, the court did not have the right to do this and went beyond the scope of authority when considering the issue of extending the arrest of the accused.

On February 25th the Supreme Court decided that the trial of Savchenko and Ruban will be held in the Solomensky District Court of Kiev.

On March 13th, 2019 during a preparatory hearing on the case of Savchenko and Ruban, the court granted the motion of the lawyers to disqualify the collegium of judges in criminal proceedings. An objection was made due to procedural errors. Now the court must form a new panel concerning this case.

On April 12th the case was referred to the Brovarsky District Court (Kiev region).

The Brovarsky court convened to consider the case on Saturday, April 13th. As Nadezhda Savchenko herself said during the trial, this was possible since the leadership of the court retroactively (from April 8th 2019) approved the transfer of the working day from December 31st 2018 to April 13th. Following the hearing, the presiding judge decided to adjourn the hearing until April 15th to give the current lawyers time to arrive at the hearing under the agreement with Vladimir Ruban (one lawyer) and Nadezhda Savchenko (8 lawyers).

On April 16th the term of the detention of Savchenko and Ruban expired. The prosecutor's office did not manage to file a new motion for the election of a measure of restraint. After having spent a year in a pre-trial detention center they were released from custody. The date of the next court hearing was defined as May 7th.

On May 7th the preparatory hearing on the case of Nadezhda Savchenko and Vladimir Ruban in the Brovarsky City District Court was postponed. Due to the fact that not all lawyers were able to attend the hearing, the court decided to postpone the hearing until May 31st.