Oleksandr Bondarchuk

Oleksandr Bondarchuk - politician, journalist, chief editor of the newspape “The Working Class”

He was detained on charge of violation of territorial integrity of Ukraine in March 2015 for his professional activities – republishing of Pavlo Hubariev’s interview in June 2014.

After 9 months in the pre-trial detention centre, in December 2015 it was cancelled the chosen measure of restraint, namely, detention in custody. However, the case has not been dismissed. The trial proceedings have ben lasting for three years. Hearings are always postponed at the request of the courts. Oleksandr Bondarchuk believes that such course of event creates some kind of pressure on him. There is neither a conviction, nor absolutory sentence.

Interesting facts:

• In June 2014 there was free access to Donetsk or Luhansk regions, trains were running, there were no border points.

• Publication of materials in the media is a direct responsibility of a journalist or editor-in-chief.