Human rights campaigners of Uspishna Varta human rights platform filed a report of criminal offences by representatives of Myrotvorets website to Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuri Lutsenko. According to them, the website's operation violates not only Ukraine's laws, but also the norms of international law.

Uspishna Varta human rights platform filed to Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuri Lutsenko a report of criminal offences committed by representatives of law enforcement agencies in collusion with Director of the Center for Investigations of Elements of Offences Against Foundations of the National Security of Ukraine, Peace, Security of Humanity and International Legal Order (Myrotvorets website) Roman Zaitsev and other unidentified person's administering the website.

The report states that unidentified law enforcement officers in collusion with Myrotvorets Center Roman Zaitsev have conducted wilful acts exceeding the scope of rights and authorities of law enforcement officers. Namely, they collected, used and disseminated personal data of Uspishna Varta staff members Natalia Natalina and Tatiana Galonza without proper permission.

As far as the said personal data were not published earlier in open sources, the human rights activists believe that they were collected with assistance from law enforcement agencies from relevant police and SBU databases.

The publication of personal data at Myrotvorets website causes considerable damage to the legally protected rights of the said citizens. In particular, actions by Myrotvorets website staff are qualified as criminal offences under paragraph 2 Article 28, paragraph 1 Article 182 and paragraph 1 Article 365 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

In addition, Myrotvorets leader Roman Zaitsev, in fact, accused Uspishna Varta civic organization of offences against the national security of Ukraine, peace, security of humanity and international order. That's Mr. Zaitsev's interpretation of the Uspishna Varta civic organization's position regarding the respect for human rights in Ukraine. This, in particular, includes principles of nonviolence, respect for the law and international human rights standards.

Uspishna Varta reminds that Ukraine is obligated to adhere to Article 10 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, which guarantees the freedom of expression.

Therefore, Zaitsev's statement must be qualified under Article 383 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine as intended misreport of a criminal offense to investigative authority, as far as the information placed at Myrotvorets website and the request sent to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine are false.

It should be reminded that in September 2018 Uspishna Varta staff analyzed the grounds for the use of Myrotvorets information in Ukraine's court practice. As a result, numerous violations of the norms of domestic and international law were identified and reported in Natalia Natalina's blog. The identified information on human rights violations by Myrotvorets website was also used in a Know Your Rights series at Klymenko Time YouTube channel, where the illegality of Myrotvorets operation was explained from the legal point of view.

Following the publication of the said video at Klymenko Time YouTube channel, on 6 September 2018 Myrotvorets published personal data of Uspishna Varta Chair Natalia Natalina and Uspishna Varta volunteer Tatiana Galonza.

According to media reports, Myrotvorets website is used by the law enforcement agencies (police and SBU), and is patronized by pro-government politicians having influence on the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine. That fact was confirmed in an interview by Roman Zaitsev, who calls himself the founder and director of Myrotvorets center/website, given to Fakty Internet newspaper.

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