Uspishna Varta Brings Systematic Violations of Human Rights by Radical Groups to the Attention of HDIM 2018

Speaking at the eighth plenary of HDIM-2018 conference, Natalia Natalina, Chair of Uspishna Varta Human Rights Platform, requested OSCE to call on Ukraine's government to ban the activities of paramilitary formations operating as parts of ultra-right parties and organizations supporting aggressive nationalism ideology.

In the course of the discussion, delegates from OSCE Member States discussed tolerance and non-discrimination, including the rights of ethnic minorities, and the prevention of aggressive nationalism, racism and chauvinism.

Speaking to the participants of the conference, Natalia Natalina said that such Ukrainian groups as C14, Natsionalny Druzhyny, Azov, Svoboda and the Right Sector openly conduct Fackelzüge (Torchlight marches) in Kiev and Odessa, demonstrating swastikas and shouting anti-Semitic and chauvinist chants.

«In the last four years, these groups have become a convenient tool for the prosecution of dissent by the Ukrainian government. Under the slogan of «fighting the anti-Ukrainian elements», they attack opposition journalists, bloggers and editorial offices. They beat and spray tear gas at veterans defending WW2 memorials, disrupt peaceful rallies of opposition political parties, vandalize Orthodox churches, attack lawyers who defend political prisoners inconvenient for the government. All these incidents and witness testimonials are described in detail in the materials that we'd like to attach to the conference materials», the human rights activist stated.

In addition, Uspishna Varta Chair paid special attention to the acts of C14 group, which organized a Roma camp pogrom in Kiev in the early hours of 21 April 2018. The police started investigating the incident only after a video showing the pursuit of women and children by thugs armed with bats and pepper spray canisters went online, she added. Before the video went viral, the police and president-controlled media called the pogrom «a community cleanup day».

At the end of her speech, Natalia Natalina turned OSCE attention to Myrotvorets site operation in Ukraine, where personal data of so-called «terrorist accomplices» are made public. Unfortunately, the human rights situation not only in Crimea and Donbass, but also in Kiev and throughout Ukraine, is extremely far from democracy since the 2014 Revolution of Dignity, she added.

It should be noted that personal data of Uspishna Varta Chair Natalia Natalina and Coordinator Tatiana Galonza were published at Myrotvorets site on 7 September 2018, following the publication of their investigation of Myrotvorets website.

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