Ukrainian political prisoner has been already 50 days on a hunger strike in Kherson

Political prisoner Edward Kovalenko, the leader of SPAS Ukrainian party, has gone on a hunger strike and has spent without food 50 days already. He'd demands a release of all political prisoners from Ukrainian jails.

The political prisoner told about the hunger strike in his interview published at SPAS party website.

On 15 May 2017, Edward Kovalenko was sentenced to five years in prison for his participation in the anti-mobilization rally in Genichensk in January 2015; cat the rally, he protested against mobilization and the war in Donbass. The Supreme Court of Ukraine will consider his cassation at 10:00 on 6 November 2018.

Mr. Kovalenko went on hunger strike on 13 August 2018, demanding from the Ukrainian government the release and complete acquittal of all political prisoners charged and sentenced after the 2014 Revolution of Dignity under trumped up politically motivated charges. The political prisoner requests the Ukrainian government to halt the prosecution of individuals freely expressing their political opinion and participating in peaceful assemblies in accordance with the European Convention on Human Rights and democratic principles of civilized nations of the world.

Mr. Kovalenko also requests competent Ukrainian and international authorities to implement the Minsk agreements and immediately exchange prisoners of war and prisoners related to the Donbass conflict.

According to Edward Kovalenko, his hunger strike aims to draw the attention of the Ukrainian and international public to the problem of political prisoners in Ukraine, as well as to halt political prosecution and repressions of citizens of Ukraine and other states.

The political prisoner promised that his hunger strike would end only after all his demands are fulfilled.

Read more about Edward Kovalenko case here.

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