The SBU summoned members of opposition parties for interrogation

The SBU summoned members of opposition parties for interrogation

The SBU massively summons for interrogation people who are in charge of structural units of parties, referring to the need to investigate the creation of a voter bribery network.

In particular, we are talking about the members of the Zaporozhye branch of the "Batkivshchyna" party, who were sent summons and called for interrogation by phone.

The party claims that to date 73 members of the political force have been summoned for interrogation. However, a case hasn’t been opened concerning the creation of a voter bribery network and there is no information in the electronic unified register of pre-trial investigations.

According to the lawyer Vladimir Lyapin, the summons were sent on behalf of the Prosecutor General's office, which should not be related to the electoral process. He also notes that on the agenda there is no data about the investigator, and only a phone number is specified, and people are summoned for interrogation as witnesses.

The party says that such actions on the part of the SBU constitute the open interference of law enforcement bodies in the electoral process, and also reported about the unlimited use of administrative resources by opponents.

As a reminder, on March 11th the journalist Vladimir Skachko, whose apartment was searched for more than 14 hours on March 5th, was summoned for interrogation by the SBU. However, he couldn't be at the interrogation in the leadership of the Security Service of the Kherson region because he was urgently hospitalized in Kiev.

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