The police searched the home of a writer-storyteller from Cherkassy

The police searched the home of a writer-storyteller from Cherkassy

On March 13th in Cherkassy employees of the National Police spent 4 hours searching the home of the writer Oleg Slepynin because he published articles against the granting of Tomos to Ukraine.

Oleg Slepynin is known as a writer-storyteller and winner of several literary awards and the "Radonezh" film festival.

After talking to the writer's wife, the human rights activists of "Uspishna Varta" found out that the search was carried out by representatives of the Interior Ministry in the presence of the SBU. The reason for the search was the alleged involvement of Slepynin in posting provocative articles about "Tomos" under various aliases, including "Monomakh", "Gornostaev", etc..

According to the police, the investigative actions against the writer were carried out on the basis of criminal proceedings under Article 161 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (inciting religious hatred).

Also, in a conversation with human rights activists, the wife of the writer reported that during the search computer equipment, electronic media, and a phone was confiscated. The wife of Slepynin also said that in the course of the investigation her husband had a hypertensive attack, but he refused to go to hospital.

According to human rights activists, the pre-trial investigation body will check the involvement of Oleg Slepynin in publications that, according to the investigation, call for inciting religious hatred issued under different pseudonyms.

As a reminder, as the human rights activists of "Uspishna Vatra" reported on Telegram, on March 5th in Kiev employees of the Security Service of Ukraine searched the apartment of the Ukrainian journalist Vladimir Skachko, who is known for his oppositional and critical statements in relation to the current authorities.

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