The facts of election fraud in the Donetsk region on 31st March 2019

The facts of election fraud in the Donetsk region on 31st March 2019

In the Donetsk region "anomalous" stations where the turnout reached 95% (the average across the Donetsk region being 59.47%), and Petro Poroshenko's support reached 60% were recorded. In total, in the Donetsk region the candidate Yury Boyko, who gained 36.84%, became the leader. Petro Poroshenko's result in the Donetsk region in total was 12.64%.

Proceeding from the analysis of the situation that was carried out by the observers of "Uspishna Varta", it is possible to draw the conclusion that the turnout and, respectively, support for the candidate Petro Poroshenko in the small settlements and villages of the Donetsk region, especially the front-line zone, was significantly overstated. In addition, cases of mass ballot stuffing and repeated voting on behalf of other people were recorded (generally in district 46). The headquarters of one of the candidates declared a mismatch of these protocols with wet seals and with the data posted on the website of the CEC concerning two stations in district 60.

It is possible to draw the conclusion that with use of voter bribery, under the pressure of military civil authorities and with the interference of unknown persons with the "Vybory" automated information system, falsifications in favour of the current president Petro Poroshenko during voting and the counting of votes were committed on March 31st in the Donetsk region.


According to the results of analysis of the Donetsk region using the Gauss curve, the analyst Roman Udot found out that at separate stations in the region, votes in support of the current president Poroshenko reached up to 80%, whereas the bulk of voters did not give him even 6%.

At the same time, such a situation isn’t observed in all regions. As can be seen from the chart for the whole country, the "tail" of the results of the candidate Petro Poroshenko in the Donetsk region is exceptional.

Visualisation of electoral data shows that anomalous stations belonged to territorial constituencies No. 45, 52, 59, 60 and partially to territorial constituencies No. 46, No. 47 and No. 49.

Proceeding from statistical analysis of two districts, it is obvious that the overstatement of turnout and, respectively, support for the candidate Petro Poroshenko was carried out generally in the small settlements and villages of the Donetsk region, especially the front-line zone.

The human rights activists of "Uspishna Varta" generalized all information concerning falsifications in the Donetsk region.


In territorial constituency 45 (the center - the urban-type settlement of Ocheretino in the Yasinovatsky district) 8 precinct election commissions (PECs) where anomalous turnout and support for the president Poroshenko was recorded are highlighted.

If to translate the data of the Central Election Commission (CEC) for this district into a table (the table was prepared by volunteers of "Uspishna Varta" on the basis of the open data of the CEC), the following situation turns out – in districts with an anomalous turnout there is also support for P. Poroshenko that is anomalous for the region.

This first and foremost concerns the following villages and small settlements: Ocheretino, Krasnogorovka, Novobakhmutovka, and Novoselovka. In them the turnout reached 95%, and support for the president Poroshenko reached 62%. At the same time, in a larger city – Avdeevka (which stations 140585-140602 belong to) the percentage of support for the current president did not exceed 3.5%, and the turnout fluctuated around 40-51%.

As a resident of the village of Novobakhmutovka – station 140573 - (we won’t disclose the name of the source) told the human rights activists of "Uspishna Varta", 840 people live in the village together with IDPs. At the same time, the most part of the IDPs registered in the village actually live on the non-controlled territory (registration is necessary to obtain pensions and social assistance in Ukraine). According to our source, 260 people who actually were absent on election day in Ukraine in fact "voted". One woman, who especially went through a checkpoint and travelled from Donetsk on election day to a station, found out that her ballot had already been taken and a vote made on her behalf.


In the 163 district stations of district 37 the turnout considerably exceeded the regional average. At stations with a turnout exceeding the regional average, the percentage of votes that were given for the current president Petro Poroshenko is much higher too.

According to observers, mass ballot stuffing took place at station 140603. In the photo: the so-called "matryoshka" - when the ballots are in the ballot box attached to each other.

A similar falsification also happened at stations 140628 and 140608.

According to the data of the website of the CEC, at these stations a turnout considerably exceeding the regional average was recorded, and in addition the percentage of votes for the president Petro Poroshenko are higher than the regional average.

Also in Bakhmut the so-called "carousel" was recorded - when the same people go to different stations and vote for the necessary candidate. This violation took place at station 140604. In a video showing one of the participants of falsification, he talks about how he moved around the city together with 4 other participants of the scheme, and how the tables that have to be approached to receive the next ballot are defined. The 3 girls who were with this person in the video admitted that they received 150 hryvnia for each stuffed bulletin.

The carousel was also recorded at stations 140616, 140612, and 140613.

The "carousel" scheme was also organized at station 140615 (room of school "Brigantine"). According to eyewitnesses (who sent information to "Uspishna Varta"), employees of a local dental policlinic were members of the commission at this station. The chief doctor of this medical institution was the organizer of the "carousel" scheme and paid 150 hryvnia per stuffed ballot to participants of the scheme. In commission 140615, where its employees worked, ballots were issued without passport verification.

At station 140632 observers recorded how a participant of the "carousel" scheme came to vote at the same station several times. According to observers, in the passports of those who participated in falsifications there were pencil marks that served as the identification mark for members.

At station 140626 (“VILS” private enterprise on Yubileynaya Street) participants of the commission discussed how they stuffed votes for Poroshenko.

The National Police in the Donetsk region informed the public about the beginning of a pre-trial investigation concerning the falsification of electoral documentation in the city of Bakhmut in the Donetsk region (territorial constituency No. 46).


In the village of Zaitsevo, in the same Bakhmut district, only 2 stations make up constituency No. 51. One half of the village is controlled by the military civil authorities (MCA), and the other half is under the control of the so-called “DPR”. The IDPs who mainly voted in this district, according to members of the commissions, are under the influence of the administrative resources of local authorities, social services, and the regional state administration. Such a situation raises doubts about the freedom of the residents of Zaitsevo to express their will.

According to the headquarters of one of the candidates, at station 141527 on election day, on March 31st, 41 IDPs voted at the place of their stay. People cannot move independently and actually live on non-controlled territory. After members of the election commission visited them, they all gave their votes to the candidate Petro Poroshenko.


In territorial constituency 52 (the center – Toretsk), 22 "anomalous" PECs stand out, where the turnout and, accordingly, support for the incumbent president exceeds the regional average. At some of such stations the turnout reached 85-87%, and support for Poroshenko – 57%.

The "highest" turnout - over 80% - was recorded at stations 140707 (Toretsk), 140722 (Dachnoye), 140723 (Kurdyumovka), 140724-140731 (all are in Novgorodskoye), and also stations 140733-140735 (Shcherbinovka and Petrovka).

It should be noted that at a number of stations in district 52 (Toretsk), during the election, observers reported about ballot stuffing. For example, at station 140702 in Toretsk an observer claims (on video) that 10 stuffed ballots ended up in the ballot box folded together. The observer drew up a statement about stuffing. At this station (see the table above), as the result of the attention drawn by the observer, the turnout and result of the president Poroshenko corresponds to the regional average.

Users of social networks and local media outlets also reported about this incident.

Incidents were also recorded in other districts of the Donetsk region.


Thus, at polling station 140938 in Konstantinovka (district 49) a Facebook user filmed how ballots with votes for different candidates are shifted into Petro Poroshenko's pile. An incident occurred during the counting of votes. Thus, on camera it was recorded how the pile of ballots with votes in support of the current president was filled with ballots with votes for other candidates. Members of the commission carried out the recalculation of ballots.

An attempt to stuff ballots in another station (140941) in Konstantinovka was also recorded by the observers of the public organisation “OPORA”.


According to the information on the website of the police of the Donetsk region, members of a territorial election commission (district No. 60) sent a written statement to the Mangush police station concerning a violation of the electoral process. According to them, the information transmitted to the CEC about the distribution of votes for Ukrainian presidential candidates does not match the information stated on the official website of the CEC. There is a nine-fold increase in favour of one of the candidates. The specified fact was entered into the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations along with a preliminary legal qualification under Article 158 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine ("Submission of false information to the body of the State Register of Voters or falsification of electoral documents").

The headquarters of the candidate Yury Boyko also said that the results of voting at a number of stations in the 60th district specified on the website of the CEC were significantly " modified" in favour of Poroshenko. Thus, at station No. 140154, according to the protocol, 437 people voted for Yury Boyko, and 78 voted for Petro Poroshenko. However, on the website of the CEC, it is the exact opposite. At station No. 140432, according to the protocol, 548 people voted for Yury Boyko, and 117 people voted for Petro Poroshenko. On the website of the CEC the numbers are very different: 17 for Yury Boyko, and 948 for Petro Poroshenko. In this regard a statement was already submitted to the police, which have already started to check the stated facts.

Station 140432

Station 140154

According to the headquarters of the candidate Yury Boyko, in the Nikolsky and Volnovakhsky districts (district No. 60) serious pressure was put on the heads of enterprises and the organizations by the deputy from the “Bloc of Petro Poroshenko” Lubinets D.V., who was actively "helped" by the deputy head of the district state administration of the Nikolsky district Oleg Reshetnyak. Voters also reported about the purchasing of votes at the price of 500-1000 hryvnia each.

As “OPORA” reports, information about 6 polling stations where the possible facts of falsifications of electoral documentation were recorded arrived on April 3rd to the Volnovakhsky National Police department (under Article 158 of the Criminal Code "Submission of false information to the body of the State Register of Voters or falsification of electoral documents"). This information also concerns constituency No. 60. Investigators are sorting out the process of starting a pre-trial investigation.

Thus, in Constituency No. 60 of the Donetsk region pre-trial investigations were started concerning 2 polling stations, and materials on opening a pre-trial investigation concerning 6 other polling stations are being studied.


As a reminder, following the results of observation in March, "Uspishna Varta", in its report, expressed concern about the fact that that representatives of the SBU being present when the results of voting will be transmitted by DECs can lead to the abuse of official position and interference in the counting of voting results. Moreover, in the media information about the possible distortion of the results of voting in favour of the incumbent President Poroshenko through a “tunnel” (intermediate) server, which will allow interference in the program at the stage between the reception of data in the DEC bearing a wet stamp and the reception of figures in the CEC.

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