The court hearing on the case of the capture of the UOC Church in Olenovka was postponed to March 6

The court hearing on the case of the capture of the UOC Church in Olenovka was postponed to March 6

On February 26th the Borznyansky District Court of the Chernigov region postponed the consideration of the case concerning the seizure of the church of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Olenovka on March 6th. The lawsuit concerning the illegal “transfer” of the religious community of the village of Olenovka to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU) was filed by the aboot of the church, Aleksandr Gladysh.

The postponement of the court session is connected to the non-appearance of the defendant, who argued his absence by asking for time to familiarize himself with the materials of the case and to collect evidence. Also, one of the reasons for the postponement of the hearing was the consideration of a civil case in the Kiev Court of Appeal (dispute over the seizure of another's property) scheduled for the defendant earlier on that date.

The trial concerning the case of the seizure of the temple caused a stir among nationalists. Vladimir Bryukhovetsky (chairman of the “Svoboda” faction in the Bakhmatsky district council) on his Facebook page urged his comrades to gather outside the building of the Borznyansky district court in order to fight against the “outposts of the ‘Russian world’" in the Chernigov region. But since the hearing was postponed, a small group of those who responded to the call of the “Svoboda” member fought against the “outposts of the ‘Russian world’” for a short period of time. After the decision of the judicial collegium was announced, 4 young men shouted several times “Down with the Moscow priest” and left the courtroom.

As was previously reported by the Union of Orthodox Journalists, a territorial community meeting was held on January 15th in the village of Olenovka with the participation of visitors who were not residents of the village. During the meeting they voted to transfer the local religious community from the UOC to the OCU. On January 16th supporters of the OCU, together with “activists” from the “C14” group, captured the temple, despite the resistance of the parishioners.

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