The persons accused of attacking a Zhytomyr journalist were found guilty in court

The persons accused of attacking a Zhytomyr journalist were found guilty in court

On March 28th-29th a hearing was held at the Korolevsky district court of the city of Zhytomyr concerning the case of the beating of the Zhytomyr journalist Ruslan Kunavin, who writes under the pseudonym “Moroz”.

At the hearing on March 28th, despite the motion of the lawyer Andrey Gozhy for the compulsory delivery to the court of the main prosecution witness, he once again did not arrive, saying that he carries out active military service in the armed forces.

The parties of the process made the decision to continue the trial without this witness, since other case materials, in particular, investigative examinations, confirm that a crime was committed. After this the court moved on to the judicial debate.

On March 29th the court announced a verdict, finding the accused guilty of committing a crime under Part 2 of Article 187 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine ("Robbery committed by a group of persons"), and sentenced each person to 5 years in prison, 3 years of which is suspended, without the confiscation of property. The condemned are also obliged to compensate the injured journalist for the amount of 107,641.59 hryvnia in moral and material damages.

The parties to the process stated that they did not intend to appeal the court's decision.

Legal protection of the interests of the journalist Ruslan Moroz (Kunavin) was ensured with the support of the "Uspishna Varta" human rights platform.

Recall that on June 10th 2017 the journalist of the newspaper "20 Khvilin Zhytomyr" Ruslan Moroz was attacked and robbed. He spent more than a month in hospital receiving treatment, but because of the severity of the injuries, he needs to continue his treatment even after being discharged. The hearings on the case of Ruslan Moroz were postponed for more than a year due to the absence of defendants, the lawyer's illness, and other things.

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