Right-wing radicals disrupted the transgender march in Kiev

Right-wing radicals disrupted the transgender march in Kiev and attacked three journalists

On November 18, representatives of right-wing radical groups disrupted a march in defense of transgender people organised by Amnesty International Ukraine in the center of Kiev. During the event, which lasted only a few minutes, two protesters and three journalists were injured.

The purpose of the March was to remind society that discrimination and unpunished violence against transgender people, and any people in general, are unacceptable.

Prior to the march, groups of aggressive radicals stated that they were going to disrupt it, and some of them commented online, openly writing that it is necessary to bring TNT and blow up all the participants together. Among the opponents of the rally were members of the organisations "Bratstvo" of Dmitry Korchinsky, "Tradition and Order", "Christian National Front", "Katehon", "Sisterhood of St. Olga", as well as several supporters of “C14”.

According to the police, order in the area of the march was enforced by about 600 police officers. After the marchers unfurled banners at the metro bearing demands, the opponents of the march started to throw smoke bombs, including on the road, and spray gas canisters. Representatives of right-wing radical groups also chanted "Glory of the nation - death to enemies!" and "Ukraine above all!".

The police pushed people holding posters into the subway and prevented the radicals from entering it in order to avoid clashes. The participants of the march left the scene. During the confrontation, two participants sprayed pepper gas in some people’s faces. They were taken to the emergency room.

During the rally two unknown persons attacked the journalist from Canada Michael Colborne. One person hit him in the face, and another sprayed a canister at him, and then they both ran away. The foreigner gave the police a photo he managed to take of the attackers from behind. Because of this the police intiated proceedings under article "hooliganism".

Photo: twitter.com/ChristopherJM

Canadian Ambassador to Ukraine Roman Vashchuk is sure that "the criminal and hateful actions of extreme right-wing radicals deserve an effective and convincing police response".

During the rally the correspondent of the “NewsOne” TV channel Bogdan Aminov who was covering the event also suffered because of the actions of right-wing radicals. The people's deputy Oksana Korchinskaya approached him and stated that the channel taunts the opponents of the march and started to pursue the journalist. Immediately after this, one of the right-wing radicals spat at the journalist.

This is the third attack on a “NewsOne” journalist committed by nationalists from “Bratstvo”. Earlier, the nationalist Elena Slyusar hit the journalist Darina Bilera live on the air. And on October 10 near the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs the journalist of the TV channel Anastasiya Pshenichnaya was attacked.

The journalist Olga Shariy reported that the name of the man who assaulted the “NewsOne” journalist Bogdan Aminov is Rostislav Fedorko. He is a member of "Bratstvo" of Dmitry Korchinsky.

Representatives of right-wing organisations also persecuted the correspondent of “Sharij.net” Antonina Beloglazova, who representatives of "Bratstvo" poured an unknown substance on in June. "After he spat at the correspondent of “NewsOne”, he ran after our girl until she stopped a police car. Well, it is in case it will very difficult for the police to find who does it," wrote Olga Shariy.

The head of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine Sergey Tomilenko demanded a public police report about the attack on journalists during the rally.

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