Reports were received in Volyn and Chernigov about voter bribery in favour of Poroshenko

Reports were received in Volyn and Chernigov about voter bribery in favour of Poroshenko

In Volyn, in the village of Olyka in the Kivertsovsky district, the police seized 720,000 hryvnia destined for activists of the “web” of the presidential candidate Petro Poroshenko. According to journalists, a representative of the current president distributed the money to the promoters directly in the building of the Village Council.

As was noted by the “Avers” TV and radio company, the man who handed out the money is Vladislav Shuster. Previously, he worked as a lawyer in the Kiev City State Administration, and now he is an employee of one of the state enterprises. The man tried to escape from the crime scene and even hit a man who wanted to detain him. Investigative actions are being carried out both in the village of Olyka and at the actual place of residence of the offender in the city of Lutsk.

In addition, during the investigation, the police managed to establish that two residents of Kiev, from who more than 700,000 hryvnia was seized, could be involved in the commission of this crime. Investigative actions are ongoing. In connection with this incident a criminal case under Part 2 of Article 160 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - the proposal, promise or provision of unlawful benefits to a voter or referendum participant– was initiated.

Also, on the morning of April 10th in Chernigov, during the day, the police were twice called concerning probable voter bribery at the reception office of the people's deputy Sergey Berezenko (“Bloc of Petro Poroshenko”).

According to the press secretary of the police of the Chernigov region, Yuliya Kovtun, the police received a message that the party office has a group of people who are handing out money for the purpose of buying-off votes. An investigative team arrived at the scene in order to check the information and hand over a summons to the police station to one of the employees of the electoral HQ concerning criminal proceedings involving voter bribery. The office was closed. When the staff began to leave it, one of them started to interfere with the work of the police.

As the “Klymenko Time” Telegram channel reported earlier, the observers of “OPORA” were inside the premises where, under the cover of a “reception room of the people's deputy Berezenko S.I.”, directly involved in Poroshenko’s “web”, there was voter bribery. Votes for Petro Poroshenko were bought for 1000 hryvnia.

“OPORA” stated that their coordinators were present at the office as official observers, and at the time of their arrival the police were already at the office. Employees, in their words, were at their workplaces; there were no strangers in the room. They provided access to all premises of the office; the work was continuing in a regular regime. Also, “OPORA” added that they did not represent any of the candidates and carried out independent monitoring of the electoral process.

Lawyers say that according to Article 160 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, voter bribery is punishable by a fine of 100 to 300 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens or corrective labour for up to 2 years, or the restriction of freedom for the same period.

As a reminder, earlier the observers of “Uspishna Varta” reported on “anomalous” sites in the Donetsk region, where turnout reached 95% (with an average for the region of 59.47%), and support for Petro Poroshenko - 60%.

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