A journalist was added to the “Mirotvorets” database after a “National Corpus” rally

A journalist was added to the “Mirotvorets” database after a “National Corpus” rally

The manager of the “Klimenko Time” YouTube channel Maksim Osovsky was added to the "Mirotvorets" database after he filmed a video report about the picketing of the Presidential Administration by activists from "National Corpus" on March 9th. This was reported by Osovsky on his Facebook page.

Members of the right-wing radical group “National Corpus" who on March 9th picketed the Presidential Administration and tried to disrupt the speech of the head of state in Cherkassy were also added to the “Mirotvorets” website in the “Purgatory” section.

As was reported by “Klimenko Time”, on March 9th in Kiev "National Corpus" and “National Druzhina”, with tear gas and masks, stormed the administration of Poroshenko. Before that, on Maidan, they held a rally called "Svinarchuk of Poroshenko - behind bars!".

This is the fourth rally in the past two weeks that was dedicated to the corruption scandal in the army, which involved the immediate environment of the incumbent President Petro Poroshenko and the President himself. Prior to this, a similar rally was held last weekend.

On March 9th, after the rally on Maidan, radicals went to the Presidential Administration in order to demand an investigation into the embezzlement in the Ukrainian defence industry, which is attributed to the environment of the President Petro Poroshenko. We are talking about the former Deputy Chairman of the National Security and Defence Council Oleg Gladkovsky (Svinarchuk is his former name), who after the scandal was fired from office. His son Igor is involved in the case too.

Outside the administration there was a mass brawl with police officers. The nationalists stuck on the helmets of police officers stickers with the inscription "Svinarchuk of Poroshenko - behind bars".

Unable to break through the cordon, they decided to move to Cherkassy, where Poroshenko held his next electoral rally.

During his visit to Cherkassy, representatives of "National Corpus" tried to reach Petro Poroshenko. The President of Ukraine was speaking on stage when the nationalists started to approach him. The national anthem started, but when “National Corpus” approached the stage, Poroshenko departed. They tried to break through law enforcement, but the police prevented them, and Poroshenko left. In the course of this flares and smoke bombs were set off.

The clashes in Cherkassy between representatives of "National Corpus" and the police on March 9th resulted in 22 law enforcement officers being given medical treatment, and 19 of them were hospitalized.

The police initiated criminal proceedings against members of "National Corpus” and "National Druzhina" in connection with the clashes with law enforcement officers in Kiev and Cherkassy on March 9th. This was reported by the press service of the National Police.

The police reported that two criminal proceedings were initiated because of the clashes. The sanction stipulated by the articles under which proceedings were initiated provide for punishment in the form of a maximum of 7 years of imprisonment.

As a reminder, "Uspishna Varta" has repeatedly stated that the existence of any paramilitary formations as a part of parties and public organizations must be forbidden in accordance with article 37 of the Constitution of Ukraine. Law enforcement bodies should stop cooperating with paramilitary groups: both public projects, including the "Munitsipalnaya Varta" project for the protection of public order, and tacit coordination of actions for the purpose of putting pressure on other organizations and parties.

Earlier it became known that the Cassation Criminal Court, as a part of the Supreme Court, will analyse the information sent by the "Uspishna Varta" human rights platform about the courts of Ukraine using the data of the "Mirotvorets" website as evidence.

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