Poroshenko's campaigning in Zhytomyr: the transport of people by buses and the non-admission of observers

Poroshenko's campaigning in Zhytomyr: the transport of people by buses and the non-admission of observers

On March 11th "Uspishna Varta" monitored the campaign trip of the current President Petro Poroshenko in the Zhytomyr region. On the President's website this visit was listed as a working one.

As a reminder, according to the Law of Ukraine "On Ukrainian Presidential Elections", for candidates for the post of the President of Ukraine holding positions it is forbidden to use office or production meetings for electoral campaigning (part 15 of article 63). At the same time, President Poroshenko actively uses his official position and official powers for his electoral campaign.

On March 11th, in Zhytomyr, Poroshenko held a meeting of the Regional Development Council of the Zhytomyr region with the participation of representatives of local government and executive power, including the Governor of the Zhytomyr region Igor Gundich, the mayor of Zhytomyr Sergey Sukhomlin, the head of the Regional Council Vladimir Shirma, as well as the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Regional Development, Construction and Housing Gennady Zubko.

Material of a promotional nature about Poroshenko's visit was posted on the website of the Zhytomyr regional state administration.

As a reminder, according to part 1 of article 64 of the Law of Ukraine on presidential elections, the implementation of campaigning by representatives of executive authorities and local government, law enforcement bodies and courts, and their officials during working hours is forbidden.

The observer of "Uspishna Varta" Sergey Forest also monitored the meeting of President Poroshenko with voters that took place in the central square of the city from 18:00 to 19:00. Before the meeting, the observer recorded the centralized transportation of employees of budgetary institutions via buses for the purpose of participating in campaign activities.

The meeting with the candidate was attended by about 800 people, with the participants of the meeting granted admission based on pre-compiled lists. In violation of the law, the police did not allow the official observer of "Uspishna Varta" to attend the rally of the candidate.

Let us recall that part 1 of article 157 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine "Obstruction of the exercise of the right to vote or the right to participate in a referendum, as well as the work of an election commission or a referendum commission, or the activities of an official observer" stipulates criminal liability for the obstruction of the activities of an official observer in the exercise of their powers.

During the rally of the candidate, representatives of the organization "National Corpus" held a counter-rally and called for the prosecution of corrupt officials. Young guys, similar in age to students, were planted outside the fence in front of people holding posters. Young people with flags covered the posters, and their shouts were drowned out by music.

As a reminder, in February-March President Poroshenko carried out 10 working trips and meetings of local regional development councils (Odessa, Kirovograd, Mariupol, Zaporozhye, Lvov, Nikolaev, Dnepr, Cherkassy, and Zhytomyr).

The head of state actively used his chairmanship of a local regional development council meeting for the illumination of the policy framework of a candidate for the post of the President of Ukraine and for declaring de facto pre-election promises. At the same time, all of these visits are indicated on the President's website as his working trips.

As was noted by the human rights activists of "Uspishna Varta" in the interim report on 2019 election monitoring, it is necessary to more clearly distinguish between the official and campaign activities of Petro Poroshenko in order to prevent the use of official events of the authorities in their electoral interests.

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