Accusations, threats, and insults: how the civil servant Anatoly Matios communicates with journalists

Accusations, threats, and insults: how the civil servant Anatoly Matios communicates with journalists

On March 19th, on the Facebook page of the editor-in-chief of "Vesti" Olga Semchenko, a photo of a letter written by the Military Prosecutor's Office addressed to the agency in response to a public request concerning the corruption scandal in the “Ukroboronprom” enterprise was published. Thus, in the letter the Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios insulted the staff of the “Vesti” media holding company, having called their news "fake" and the employees of the agency insufficiently qualified.

"Less than 19 days later, the Chief Military Prosecutor answered our official request to comment on the information published by the journalist and blogger Sergey Ivanov - information about allegedly leaked materials from the department of Anatoly Matios about corruption in Ukroboronprom in the interests of Yuliya Tymoshenko in exchange for the position of Prosecutor General of Ukraine," wrote Olga Semchenko.

She noted that in the letter Anatoly Matios called Sergey Ivanov "a fake journalist" (the latter word being in quotes) and reminded him about Article 387 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine "About the disclosure of information about operational search activity and pre-judicial investigation".

"I carefully read your letter, which is baselessly called a "request for information" and which demands the provision of "public information", although the issue set forth in the letter, in accordance with the law, is not public information. Probably such anger was due to the legal nihilism of ‘journalists’ and the lack of professional lawyers available to the agency.

On the one hand, this situation satisfies me personally because it shows that the activities of the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office in relation to the arrest of the assets of A. Klimenko were positively converted to replenish the state budget of Ukraine, but also have a negative impact on the possibility of "Vesti" to keep pristine lawyers and journalists," said Anatoly Matios in the letter.

Olga Semchenko responded by saying that this is not the first time the prosecutor has insulted the journalists of "Vesti", and this situation in recent years became ordinary for the media holding company.

"We, in principle, have already got used to such attacks of the public servant Matios in our address. He has said more than once that he will close us soon, and that we should not exist. And his "prosecutors" and their tame activist-criminals already smashed our office up," said Olga Semchenko, commenting on the letter of the Military Prosecutor.

As a reminder, the human rights activists of "Uspishna Varta" repeatedly stated that the authorities were systematically putting pressure on the “Vesti” media holding company, including at international venues where problems concerning freedom of speech in the world, such as the OSCE, were discussed. Thus in 2017 Radio "Vesti" was deprived of its licence, and in 2018 representatives of the special services, Prosecutor-General’s Office, and ARMA made attempts to capture the “Vesti” media holding company after an investigation into corruption at the higher levels was published.

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