In Zaporozhye “Uspishna Varta” contacted the police concerning a violation of the conditions of campaigning

In Zaporozhye “Uspishna Varta” contacted the police concerning a violation of the conditions of campaigning

In the process of monitoring the conditions of candidate campaigning in Zaporozhye, Valery Evdokimova, an observer from “Uspishna Varta”, filed a police complaint under Article 212-13 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses – the production or placement of an order for the production of printed materials of election campaigning without primary data during the electoral process.

In particular, the observer of “Uspishna Varta” recorded that on the corner of Chumachenko and Evropeyskaya Streets, on an information stand near the building of District Election Commission No. 74, there was a political campaign of the presidential candidate Ruslan Koshulinsky missing primary data.

The upper part of the campaign poster is partially covered by a leaflet showing primary data, but the poster itself does not contain information about the institution that carried out the printing, circulation, and information about the persons responsible for its production.

The observer filed a complaint with the police, attaching to it photographs of the offense. According to law enforcement officers, in the past citizens have already reported violations of the rules of campaigning. The police also added that in this case it would be difficult to identify the offender, since this stand is most likely not registered.

Recall that “Uspishna Varta” registered official observers in Kharkov, Zaporozhye, and Kramatorsk for the 2019 Ukrainian presidential election, as well as in the district election commissions of Kiev and Lvov.

As was previously reported by “Uspishna Varta” on Telegram, human rights activists presented an interim report on the observation of the electoral process for January-February 2019 concerning preparations for the 2019 Ukrainian presidential election and violations that may affect the free will of citizens and the election’s results. Human rights activists noted that they would send the prepared report to the Ukrainian authorities, international observation missions, and candidate headquarters.

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