The court of appeal left Vyshinsky in custody until February 16th

The court of appeal left Vyshinsky in custody until February 16th

The Kherson court of appeal dismissed the complaint filed by the defence of the editor-in-chief of RIA "Novosti Ukraine" Kirill Vyshinsky concerning the extension of his detention until February 16. The relevant decision was made at a hearing on January 31st.

The case of Kirill Vyshinsky is being constantly monitored by the "Uspishna Varta" human rights platform.

Recall that on January 17th 2019 the Kherson city court extended the term of arrest imposed on Vyshinsky up to February 16th 2019.

As the human rights activists of "Uspishna Varta" previously reported on Telegram, on January 25th the criminal court of cassation (Supreme Court) granted the request of Kirill Vyshinsky’s lawyers and ordered to ensure the physical presence of a journalist in Kiev at the hearing on March 20th concerning his complaint about his illegal arrest.

Kirill Vyshinsky was detained on May 15th by the SBU during searches in his apartment and in the editorial office of RIA "Novosti Ukraine". He is charged under article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine ("state treason"), which does not stipulate an alternative measure of restraint other than detention. In this connection, he has been in jail for about 9 months without an alternative.

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