"Activists" from the "C14" group and priests of the OCU captured a temple in the Chernigov region

"Activists" from the "C14" group and priests of the OCU captured a temple in the Chernigov region

On January 16th in the village of Olenovka in the Chernigov region the Svyato-Voznesensky temple of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) was captured by priests of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU), who were accompanied by "activists" from the “C14” group. This was reported by the head of the UOC Synod Information and Educational Center archbishop Kliment.

According to archbishop Kliment, this is connected to the rural community meeting that took place on January 15th, however religious questions were not on the agenda of that day. Law enforcement bodies did not react to the event.

Commenting on the current situation, the rural dean of the Borznyansky district archpriest Ioann and the lawyer Viktor Makovy said that about 25 unknown people who aren’t residents of the village came to the Olenovka community meeting, and only two people from the local residents supported the temple’s transition to the OCU.

Since most of the believers of the village of Olenovka (Chernigov region) were against switching to the OCU, they surrounded the temple and tried to impede the aggressors - supporters of the OCU and members of the “C14” group who came to the temple with the intention to cut off the locks or to steal the keys.

As the secretary of the Nizhyn diocese Valery Dashko said, the capture of the temple in Olenovka by the OCU and "activists" from "C14" – who at first were about 15 people - took place with threats to use force.

As a result, the parishioners went home, which the supporters of the OCU took advantage of. They "called for reinforcements" from Nizhyn. As a result, several buses with members of the OCU and "C14" inside arrived at the temple. Then the temple was captured and the locks were cut off with an angle grider. The Abbot of the temple tried to film the events, but he was not allowed.

As a remind, on January 13th in the village of Vorsovka in the Malinsky district of the Zhytomyr region supporters of the OCU, with the assistance of the representative of "Svoboda" Nikolay Polinovsky and the rural head Petro Podruchny, actually captured the Svyato-Nikolaevsky temple of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

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