“Uspishna Varta”: results of work in 2018

During 2018 «Uspishna Varta» monitored the cases of journalists, public activists, and politicians who face charges that resemble political persecution for possessing alternative thoughts and opinions. Among the most resonant were the cases of Kirill Vyshinsky, Stanislav Ezhov, Dmitry Vasilts and Evgeny Timonin, Pavel Volkov, Darya Mastikasheva.

30 human rights cases are being constantly monitored by «Uspishna Varta». During 2018 the journalist Dmitry Vasilets (Zhytomyr), his colleague Evgeny Timonin (Zhytomyr), and the journalist Pavel Volkov (Zaporozhye) were released from jail, and the measure of restraint was changed to house arrest for Vasily Muravitsky (Zhytomyr) and Nikolay Sidorenko (Kramatorsk).

«Uspishna Varta»: Results of work in 2018 from Правозащитная платформа «Успішна варта»

The coordinators of the human rights platform also visited 73 court sessions in Kiev and the regions of Ukraine.40 reports about the results of monitoring the observance of political and civil rights and freedoms in Ukraine were prepared and sent to our 18,500 subscribers, including international human rights organizations and the monitoring missions of the UN and OSCE. A comprehensive report on political rights and freedoms: the monitoring of compliance with 2014–2018 was presented to the authorities in Ukraine and at international forums and conferences.

Also for the current year, the lawyers of «Uspishna Varta» spent more than 500 legal consultations concerning issues of political rights and freedoms and other appeals of citizens, including internally displaced persons from Donbass and Crimea.

With the legal support of «Uspishna Varta» the interests of the Orthodox community concerning the raider seizure of the Church of the Svyato-Sretensky in Konstantinovka (Donetsk region) were represented. With the support of «Uspishna Varta» the interests of the journalist of the newspaper «20 Khvylyn Zhytomyr» Ruslan Moroz (Kunavin) in court in relation to those accused of the attack were defended in the legal domain.

In September 2018 «Uspishna Varta» filed a statement with the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine concerning the commission of a crime by the Director of the «Mirotvorets» center (website) in collusion with law enforcement bodies. A complaint was sent to the investigating judge about the inaction of the prosecutors of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine in the case of «Mirotvorets». The court session was postponed to February 2019.

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