Political and civil rights and freedoms in Ukraine. Monitoring observance in July - September 2018

According to the results of monitoring in July-September 2018, the human rights platform "Uspishna Varta" recorded 68 violations of political and civil rights and freedoms. This is 17% more than in April-June 2018, when 56 such facts were recorded.

In 45 recorded cases (66%) the right to freedom of speech and opinion was violated; in 15 cases (21% in total) – the right to peaceful assembly; and in 9 cases (13%) – the right to freedom of conscience and religion.

Political and civil rights in Ukraine July September 2018

The persons most vulnerable to their rights being violated in Ukraine are journalists and bloggers (41% of violations) and media companies (10%), political parties (15%), and religious organizations (13%).It should be emphasized that the facts and cases of violation of the rights of journalists and the media, as a rule, are widely covered in the media space. While other categories of persons whose rights have been violated, either do not have the opportunity to make such cases public, or prefer not to do so. The increase in the number of cases of violation of rights and attacks on public organizations and activists, including human rights defenders, is alarming. In July-September 2018, there were 9 such cases (in April-June - 5 cases).

In 29% recorded cases (20) rights were violated as a result of the activities of right-wing radical groups, such as “C14”, “National Corpus”, and “Bratstvo”.In these cases, law enforcement bodies are also responsible for their inaction and lack of response concerning these offenses.In 23% cases (16), the violation of rights was caused by the actions of the law enforcement bodies themselves (Security Service, Prosecutor's office, police).

In a regional aspect, more than a third of all violations were recorded in Kyiv (25 cases). Compared to the previous period, the number of violations of rights in Odessa has increased dramatically - from 4 to 12 in July-September 2018. Amongst the "leaders" in terms of the number of violations there is Dnepr and Zhytomyr (5 cases in each of them), Lviv and Chernigov (3 cases).

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