During Poroshenko's meetings people are beaten up and journalists are forcibly removed

During Poroshenko's meetings people are beaten up and journalists are forcibly removed

During the past week the current President and presidential candidate Petro Poroshenko made several trips to regions, within the framework of which he held regional development council meetings and campaign meetings with voters. In particular, Poroshenko visited Zhytomyr (March 11th), Chernigov (March 13th), Volyn region (March 14th), Transcarpathia (March 15h), and Poltava (March 16th).

As a rule, the centralized transportation of participants to the campaign meetings of the candidate Poroshenko is carried out. The meetings happen in an especially fenced off area guarded by the police, who only allow people whose names are in pre-made lists to enter. Ordinary voters, as well as journalists and official observers from "Uspishna Varta" are not allowed to access Poroshenko's meetings.

During the week incidents were recorded where people who try to ask him uncomfortable questions are forcefully removed from the electoral rallies of Poroshenko by police officers and even beaten up by unknown people. The police do not intervene in what is happening.

Thus, on March 14th the police in Kovel detained a journalist from the "AVERS" TV channel, which was covering the meeting of President Petro Poroshenko. A video posted online shows how a woman with a camera and the ID card of a journalist around her neck is taken away from the square by force. In the video it is seen that the woman showed her journalistic credentials to the police.

On March 16th, at a campaign rally held by the candidate Poroshenko in Uzhgorod, unknown persons beat somebody up and forcefully took them away in an unknown direction after they shouted a question that is inconvenient for the President. Witnesses also recorded on video how several others were removed from the meeting by force. The video was published by the well-known blogger Anatoly Shary, who previously launched a flash mob featuring a question to the President Poroshenko ("Petro Alekseyevich, why do you pursue Anatoly Shary?"). In the video it is seen that representatives of law enforcement bodies are at the meeting, however they don't react to offenses in any way. During the incident, the candidate Poroshenko continued his election speech from the stage.

In addition, as was previously reported by "Uspishna Varta", the police did not allow a group of Ukrainians, who travelled especially to meet the President, to access the place of the campaign rally of the candidate Poroshenko in Khust (Transcarpathian region).

On March 16th, before the campaign rally of President Poroshenko in Poltava, the police detained representatives of the right-wing radical groups "National Corpus" and "National Druzhina", who threw soft toys in the form of pigs at police officers.

Recall that as was pointed out by "Uspishna Varta" in the interim report on the observation of the 2019 presidential elections, there are frequent cases of social network users, who allegedly wanted to influence the electoral process, being searched and detained in connection with the start of the electoral campaign in Ukraine. In most cases, the Security Service of Ukraine does not disclose the identity of the detainees.

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